Join us in Boise, ID, for Align & Shine LIVE!
Saturday, September 28th from 9am-1pm! 
ONLY 40 Seats Available!

*(Optional Money Mindset Reset & Lunch from 1-5pm)
LIVE Workshop
with Charity Majors

Join Charity Majors LIVE, along with other soulful women in the community, who are ready to:
Bust Through Your Fears,  Deepen your Spiritual Connection, Align with Your Purpose, and
Ignite Your Light to Shine!

LIVE Workshop with Charity Majors
Saturday September 28th, 9am-1pm
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Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40  34 seats available)
Hey friend, Charity Majors here...

Can I share with you for a sec?...

For far too long, I played small, dimmed my light, and let my fears get the best of me.

My limiting beliefs told me:

     -I wasn’t good enough

     -I didn’t have what it took

     -that others would criticize me

     -that I should just hide in the background

     -keep my message to myself

     -and just...friggin...quit...

I felt insecure in who I was, I didn’t trust the decisions I made, and how the heck to find my purpose, much less fulfill it.

The reality was my potential was being strangled by my feelings of not being good enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or well spoken enough.

Meanwhile, on the inside, my soul was SCREAMING... she wanted to be seen, heard, and understood.

She wanted to be confident and unapologetic and free from rejection, overwhelm, anxiety, and fear.

She wanted to live out her God-given purpose and shine bright!

One day, my soul couldn’t take it anymore…

Something HAD to give...I had to change something - and fast (because we all know that the definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and expecting a different result).

So, a number of years ago I made a decision, I embarked on a spiritual journey and declared:


Yep...I friggin’ QUIT…

-I quit playing small!

-I quit dimming my light!

-I quit hiding my truth!

-I quit letting fear and limiting beliefs drown out the truth of who I was and what I was being called to be…

-I quit going through the motions, living paycheck to paycheck, and quit surrounding myself with toxic relationships.

I won’t go into all the details because I share them in my book, “Meant For More, Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light,” but let’s just say there was a HUGE shift.

I no longer hide in the corner of social settings. I feel completely confident and comfortable walking into a room, meeting or event and making new connections.  How awesome would that feel if you could too?!

I feel confident on stage when I am sharing my story (even the darkest times). Imagine how empowering that feels!

I am confident in my body and taking care of it. Man oh man, THIS is priceless, wouldn't you agree?!

I learned how to silence the inner critic of my mind that held me back. Wouldn't this be sooooooo helpful?!
I feel more at home, alive and confident in who I am, where I’m going, and what my purpose is.

I am FREE to unapologetically be ME!

Imagine with me, just for a sec, what that would look like for you…

If you had the confidence to get into action and out of overwhelm.
If you were confident on the inside and the outside.
To have the ability to speak confidently from the front of the room and help others.
If the fear of failure or rejection no longer held you back.
If you had the confidence to go after your dreams and to be fulfilled.
This is TOTALLY possible for you! Things can change very quickly when you decide that you’re ready to step up your game and grow your confidence!

And my friend, I’m here to share with you the same tools and techniques I learned on my spiritual journey.
When my life, relationships and business improved because of what I had learned, other people couldn’t help but notice!

And they began coming to ME because they wanted to bust through their fears and learn how to authentically, confidently and unapologetically shine their light too!

As I began to coach others with these steps that I discovered, THEY started to see success in their life and businesses too!

Because of the success I saw with my friends and clients, I KNEW, deep down inside, that what I learned was for women, just like you, who wanted to align and shine in their life too!

That’s why I’m creating this event.

Because what I’ve learned isn’t for me to keep…
It's for You...
 The woman with the desire to deepen her spiritual connection and be surrounded by supportive women instead of ones that tear her down.
 The one who feels not good enough and that they don’t have what it takes but so desperately wants to feel fulfilled and free.
 The soulful entrepreneur that wants to take the inspired, strategic and bold action in the right direction (instead of running around in circles), without letting mindset blocks get in the way.
 The one who had been too busy with life and hasn’t had the chance to invest in herself.
 The sweet mama who has put her dreams on the backburner to invest in her family but is ready to bring those dreams to the forefront.
 The woman who’s fears have held her back for far too long and you are ready to break free.

It’s for you, beautiful one (yes, I’m talking to you, friend)...

It’s time to to bust through your fears, connect to your soul, align with your purpose and unapologetically shine your light…

It’s time…
It’s time to
Saturday, September 28, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40   34 seats available)
Here’s what we’ll cover...
  • Learning where fear & limiting beliefs come from
  • ​Discovering what fears & limiting beliefs hold you back
  • ​Learning how to detach & reframe fear & limiting beliefs
  • ​Guided forgiveness visualization & Meditation
  • ​The Roadmap to Uncovering Your Purpose & Shining Bright

Here’s what's included...
LIVE Coaching & Processes with Charity Majors

($2000 Value)
You will be in a safe and sacred space to process through limiting beliefs, bust through your fears, connect deeper to your soul, and align with your purpose to shine bright.

Charity has spent years and years, and thousands upon thousands of dollars to learn these techniques.

You will leave a better version of yourself, guaranteed!
Align & Shine Workbook (Physical Workbook at the event & Digital PDF for you to use anytime you want to)

($97 Value)
Paper never forgets...get access to this exclusive Align and Shine LIVE workbook and journal.

You will have the Digital PDF as well as the printed out version so you can not only process through things in real time at the event, but print out another copy and come back to them anytime you want to!
Signed Copy of Charity’s Book, “Meant For More: Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light
($35 Value)
Get a copy of Charity's new book, "Meant For More: Igniting Your Purpose in a World That Tries to Dim Your Light!"

This book isn't available to the public so get a signed copy, before anyone else!
Access to our secret Facebook Group exclusive to these events
($500 Value)

There is an exclusive Facebook group, just for your event.

This is where you can continue your connection and be supported by your tribe, long after the event is over!
Event Swag Gift Bag (because Charity loves to give gifts)!

Get the goodies, swag, and amazing gifts from our sponsors!

Trust me when I say, "You're gonna want this swag!!!"
Networking & Support from other like-minded women
You are the sum of the 5 people you are surrounded with...

Come join a supportive and uplifting community of women, who have similar goals to make the world a brighter and better place

Welcome home, belong.

Saturday, September 28, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40  34 seats available)
When you leave the event you will:
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and fear that holds you back
  • Be FREE from other’s opinions
  • Gain the confidence and courage that you need to step out (in a big way)!
  • Have tools you need to get into action and shine your light bright
  • PLUS, you’ll have an awesome tribe supporting you along the way!

Saturday September 28th, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40   34 seats available)
Event Info / FAQ:
Saturday September 28th, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40  34 seats available)
What Others are Saying

Cassie L -

“I loved working with Charity! I learned how to increase my self-confidence and be loyal and true to myself. I learned that there were events in life that had subconsciously taken a toll on me and needed to be released. And that starting out with shaky confidence is ok… because we gotta start somewhere. It’s part of the JOURNEY.
For awhile, I had let my light dim. It was still there, begging to shine.
A part of me was scared, and a part was unsure.
I needed that kick in the A**.  I admit it hasn’t been easy. But the best things in life are worth fighting for.  Be bold, friends. Be confident. Be the real YOU.
You only live once. Make it AMAZING!”

Sara B.

“This training helped me be a better wife to my husband and a better mom to my girls. I used to filter what others said and did through a lense of insecurity, and it really affected the way I would interpret things and how I would act.
Through this training, I realized where those insecurities came from, how to release them and replace them with empowering beliefs that are improving my marriage, my relationships, my finances, and even the way I think about myself.
I highly recommend you doing’ve gotta do the work and you won’t “arrive” at the end, but you will have amazing tools to take with you, out into the real world, that can keep your confidence high, no matter what comes your way.”

Barbie M. -

“In divine perfect timing, Charity Majors entered my life. I call her my Confidence Coach and through working with her, I now also call her my friend. During her training, she has helped me find true confidence in areas I was lacking before. She helped me to excavate what was contributing to my limiting beliefs, replace those beliefs with gold nuggets of lessons learned from the experiences that happened FOR me rather than TO me, and remodel my exterior to match my newly remodeled interior.  
I highly recommend you check it out if you are lacking confidence in ANY areas of your life, whether it is in business or personal matters. Charity will help you let go of your limiting beliefs, release your fears, and gain a whole new level of confidence and trust. This is confidence from the inside out!
Don’t settle for less than being the beacon of light you are meant to be! It is personal growth that will last a lifetime!
Thank you, Charity!”

 Susan P.

“Taking the training was a great decision. I have always known what I WANT to do, but learning from Charity confirmed that it is also my purpose to do it. The greatest gift I gleaned from taking the training was discovering WHY my purpose is what it is. To define the reasons for my gifts, talents, and passion make my goals much more meaningful to me.
Thank you Charity for the much needed push!!”

Lisa S. -

"Charity, thank you for all of your training, support, techniques, and encouragement!! I used all of it!! I did a few power poses and “turned up my light” before walking into an interview too. I believe I have the strength of a diamond...I shine bright, I know my value and I love adding value to others lives. thank you for helping me strengthen how I go about sharing my story!"
Saturday September 28th, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40  34 seats available)
About Charity
Charity is an author, inspirational speaker, a confidence and success coach, that has coached hundreds of people, all around the world to step into their greatest potential, grow their confidence and build their brand. Her expertise in psychology, coaching, mindset, confidence and becoming an influencer is her superpower. She likes to call it “gold-mining.” 

Nothing lights her soul up more than to help empower and challenge others to unpack what is holding them back (to dig out the dirt), and to inspire action into unapologetically owning their God-given purpose to make an impact on the world (to find the gold and shine)!

She is an award winning entrepreneur, a podcaster (find her on iTunes), and former fitness and nutrition expert turned personal development junkie. 

Her favorite titles are “Babeto her husband, Chris, and “Mamato her son, Judah.

She also is an excellent plant killer, a total book-nerd, loves to adventure around the world and doesn’t take herself too seriously (because there is enough serious stuff in this world and dance parties and karaoke are a must).  Her favorite foods are thai food and mexican food (bring on the spicy stuff)! And drinks kombucha like it’s going out of style.

About The Book:
In the book, Meant For More, Charity Majors shares real experiences and insights on what’s really going on inside of us - how we dim our light and how we all struggle to find and step into our purpose - even when we already know what it is.

She answers questions as to why women feel the need to tear each other down, how to build your tribe, and how to know and grow in the gifts your Creator has given you.

You may laugh. You may cry. You will finally feel understood.

You will be challenged to own your purpose - unapologetically - so that you can make a meaningful impact in the world and shine bright, no matter what anyone else may say.
Saturday September 28th, 9am-1pm
Reserve My Spot
Normally $197
Today's Discounted Price ONLY $69!
(Hurry, only  40  34 seats available)
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